Project | 01
Managerial Professionals in International Programs Offices
About the Project:
  • Directors of International Student Services Centers (ISSC) cannot be classified as neither just academics nor mere administrators, but rather a hybrid group known as ‘managerial professionals’ (MP). MPs feel responsible for both the education of the students they serve, as well as for the effective and efficient operation of the units they run under a scenario increasingly closer to the market. For this project, we apply Job Crafting theory to examine what promotes or hinders MP's meaning-making in their position.

  • Findings confirm MPs are actively job crafting in multiple ways. They consciously use their duality as entrepreneurial administrators and caring educators to proactively alter their tasks, the people they interact with, and the meaning they make out of their job.


Research Team:

  • Katie Robbins Hoye (Baylor University)

  • Hugo Garcia (Texas Tech University)

  • Jon McNaughtan (Texas Tech University)

Project | 02
Purposeful Internationalization
  • Internationalization strategies are becoming pervasive within HEIs, but a common thread that aligns diverse international activities with the essence of each institution’s public good mission is missing.

  • Some institutions enact an approach that challenges the current mainstream Anglo-American construct of internationalization while contributing to a greater public good.

Project | 03
International Students' Experiences

About the Overall Project:

International students deal with a slew of transition and adjustment issues many domestic students do not. How are higher education institutions supporting these students? What are some examples of the most common issues faced by international students? 

Specific Projects
  • Engaging international students in U.S. campuses
  • Experiences of international students in Mexico
  • University support, social support, and financial well-being: International students coping with COVID-19
Project | 04
International Student Mobility in Mexico

About the Project: PATLANI is a national survey that reports trends on international student mobility to and from Mexico.



Research Team:

  • Alma Maldonado-Maldonado, Ph.D. (CINVESTAV)

  • Magda Bustos-Aguirre, Ph.D. (UdeG)

  • Addy Rodríguez Betanzos, Ph.D. (UQRoo)

  • Mónica Camacho Lizárraga, Ph.D. 

  • Brenda Ibarra Cázares

  • Christian Iván Cortés

Project | 05
Image by rob walsh
Higher Education and Return Migration in Mexico

About the Project:

Following the 2016 U.S. presidential election and the government openly anti-immigrant rhetoric threatening to deport unauthorized immigrants (including students with DACA protection), several students in the U.S. are enrolling in Mexican HEIs to start or continue their education. Through this project, we analyze the current programs and policies aimed at attracting and supporting these students.

Research Team:

  • Mónica Camacho Lizárraga, Ph.D. (PIPE-CIDE)

  • Mónica Jacobo Suárez, Ph.D. (PIPE-CIDE)

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